Sunday, December 8, 2019

Kings Come from Royalty

Matthew 1:1-17
The incarnation of Jesus, God in the flesh, wasn’t a last-minute idea. God had been working the details of this plan throughout history. The appearance of Jesus on earth was the culmination of a divinely inspired plan to make life available to His creation.
I.    The Declaration of This Genealogy
A.    Jesus, the Son of Abraham 
·  Jesus is the long-awaited son of Abraham who will bring God’s blessing to all humanity.
B. Jesus, the Son of David
·  Connection to David’s name tells us that Jesus was royalty.
·  Jesus is legallyancestrally Israel’s King.
II.    People Are Dysfunctional but God Is Not
·  As humans, we expect the family album of Jesus, to be filled with people who lived stellar lives, but upon a closer look we see that this family tree gives off a lot of shade.
·  You are not a victim of your past, but you are a product of your choices.
·  You can’t pick your relatives, but you can pick the path you choose to walk.
·  The Lord is in the business of restoring and reviving and bringing life to that which was dead.
III.   If You Have Found Life in Jesus, You Have Been Adopted into God’s Royal Family
·  Adoption was about gloryhonor, and privilege; not just about joining a family.
·  Transferal from Slave to Heir
·  Positioned as co-heirs with Christ Jesus.
·  Being a co-heir with Christ means that we have the same inheritance that Jesus does. 

·  A Christian is one who has been adopted by God, into the family of God, all by the Son of God, and this changes everything.

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