Sunday, May 17, 2020

Didn’t See That Coming!

Didn’t See That Coming!
James 4:13-16; Genesis 12:1-13:4

When life does not seem to match our expectations, there is a tendency to feel that God has not lived up to His promise. When the circumstances of life seem to contradict the promises of God, we may find our faith weakened. He has promised peace, joy, fullness, purpose and lots of other things but never the absence of trials.

Possibly it is best you learn at this time One of the most valuable lessons in life…Man is not in control! 

When life does not seem to match our expectations, there is a tendency to feel that God has not lived up to His promise.

Where did we get the idea that we can evaluate God’s methods to determine whether or not we will follow?

 I.    Receiving a Vision Genesis 12:1-3 -  Hope is Born

·         The birth of a vision occurs for us when we first visualize and receive what God intends to do with our lives.

II.    Responding to a Vision - Genesis 12:4-9 - Obedience is Displayed

·         Our acceptance of God's desire for our lives is displayed by following the revealed will of God.

·         The blessing is in the obedience - not knowledge. GUILT is knowledge without obedience.

III.    Rejecting a Vision - Genesis 12:10 - Fear Replaces hope.

·         Fear is the belief that God has lost control.  Fear replaced hope when famine replaced food.

·         The difficult experiences of life are tests of flexibility and faith.

·         God may have to take down our cabin to build a cathedral!

·         “Lifeus Interruptus!”…When the journey of life takes a detour!

·         How quickly will you lay aside God's plan when the circumstances don't seem to match your expectations?

·         Determination is born of a conviction that God is going to triumph in His call on our lives.

IV.    Relinquishing a Vision - Genesis 12:11-20- Self-activity Replaces Obedience

·         A. Note: Abraham did not build an altar. Self-activity replaced obedience. 

·         The destruction of a vision can occur when we attempt to fulfill God's plan in our energy and our wisdom. 

V.    Recovering a Vision - Genesis 13:1-4- Recommitment to God and His Plan 

·         While men's plans fail, God's purpose prevails.

·         God wants to make YOU a SUCCESS, not just your business!

How to Reestablish God’s Control of Your Life

1.    Retrace Your Steps: Genesis 13:1-2

2.    Return To The Previous Victory: Genesis 13:3-4a

3.    Renew Your Walk:  Genesis 13:4b

·         Recommitment to God's plan occurs when we confess our prideful activity and humble ourselves to His desire for our lives and His design to bring it to pass.

VI.    What can we learn from Abraham?

·         Give your expectations to God and you will never be disappointed.
Trust God to take the worst of life to create the best...IN HIS TIME

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