Sunday, July 10, 2016

Moving From Here to There

There are many seeking God and His blessing who go from church to church, follow various spiritual gurus or investigate new revelations by authors or speakers.  They want to be where God is.  So, is God here or there?  You may be surprised at the answer.

I. God Created This World to Operate on Times and Seasons  
Genesis 1:3-5

Evening and morning were determined before the celestial bodies were ever created and set into space.

II. When God Enters our Time and Space the Result is Blessing, Favor, and Provision  John 11:21-25

It is not the "things" (the blessing, the favor, the miracle, etc.) that we need as much as we need Jesus, singularly. Wherever Jesus is, all that He is continues to be present with Him.
So, in all actuality it’s not that we are trying to get where God is physically, but He is trying to get us to become aware of His presence that has always been and will always be

III. The Intersection of God’s Presence and Our Life is Discovered Through Obedience to Him – I Kings 17:2-4

Notice that the Lord didn't send Elijah's provision to where he was, but where he was sending him.
The Lord brings us into His perfect will step by step – if you’re not stepping, you’re not moving, and you’ll never get “THERE”.

IV. If We Desire to be Used by the Lord then We Must Be “There 

A. There Looks Different to Everyone

·       For Jeremiah, "THERE" was the Potter's House. 
·       For Naaman "THERE" was the Jordan River.
·       For Moses "THERE" was Mount Sinai.
·       For Jesus "THERE" was a place called Calvary.  
"There" is a place of obedience, preparation, and humbling.  It's a place where we gain intimacy with god through learning total dependence as we receive his revelation, cleansing, reviving, and resurrection power.
If we kick back, God’s revelation will pass us by because our usefulness to the body is determined by how close or how far we are from the body.

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