Friday, May 3, 2013

Characteristics of Our Elders

You are to rise in the presence of the elderly and honor the old. Fear your God; I am the LORD”…  Leviticus. 19:32 HCSB

Yesterday and today’s devotionals are focusing on senior adults since this Sunday is Senior Adult Sunday at North Side. 

We need what these generations know about life, relationships, values and the true purpose of life.  A quick look at the characteristics of most senior adults quickly reveals the strength, integrity and faith of these generations. 

Characteristics of Our Elders
·      Gratitude for Benefits
·      Sense of Social Responsibility
·      Low Sense of Entitlement
·      Patriotic
·      Spiritual
·      Family Centered
·      Respectful of Authority

I am ashamed to say that too many adults today don’t always show those characteristics.  The generations that went before us had a different set of values – a more selfless existence.  We can learn a level of respect from senior adults that is foreign to us. 

This respect to ancient persons is due them from younger persons…
Because of their having been in the world before them, and of their long continuance in it.
·      Because of the favor and honor God has bestowed upon them in granting them long life.
·      Because of the experience, knowledge, and wisdom they may be supposed to have attained unto.
When you stop and really think about it, they have so much to offer.  I remember listening to my grandmother tell stories of her youth.  I wish she had told more stories and I wish I would have listened because now she is gone and I only have the memories I have stored in my head.  Memories can fade over time but the impact she had on my life and the lessons she taught me will live on forever.  Have your parents or grandparents record their voice telling of life experiences.  Having their voice on a recording will be very valuable to you and your family one day.  Family history has a marked impact on every one of us.  Family stories are powerful instruments of passing on values, identity and faith.
Don’t discount the “wise” people God has placed in your life.  Listen to their advice.  Their life experiences are rich with wisdom and knowledge.  Many times, God places them in your life for a reason.  They have “been there and done that,” and that makes them experts!

If you’re in the golden years of life, you have more to give.  You have a legacy to leave your family and others.  A family legacy is the overriding impact, influence and/or materials passed down to the next generation from the actions or resources of the generation(s) before.  As we grow older, our responsibilities grow with us.  What is the most important treasure you desire to leave others? 
If we take the God events in our lives for granted and don’t choose to pass them down, our children will lose the blessing of seeing the hand of God through our stories.  Will your children and grandchildren speak of the faithful service and sacrifice of resource you have made for the continuing witnesses of your church?  You are now building your legacy.  Don’t quit too early.  Carry on with passion and purpose all the way to the end. 

Scripture to Claim:
“They will still bear fruit in old age, they will stay fresh and green.” Psalm 92:14:

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