Thursday, August 17, 2023

Back To The Basics

Thursday, August 17, 2023 

Back To The Basics -  Submitted by Donna Lindquist

A familiar saying, “Let’s get back to the basics.”, but the basics can be different for each person and may depend on your age and lifestyle choices. My grandmother would say that the basics are reading, writing and arithmetic, but my kids would say that video games, internet, and junk food are the basics of life. However, God’s Word teaches us that our basic need is salvation in Christ, and true fellowship with Him is where we can find joy and happiness.

Jesus said, “Seek the Kingdom of God above all else, and live righteously, and God will give you everything you need.” Matthew 6:33

Some of the most joyful people in the world are not wealthy, and are not in a position of power but live in a state of happiness. Their contentment in life is not based on possessions or seeking after money or power, but in God’s love for them and for others.
This concept can be difficult for children, teens, and even adults to wrap our minds around what we truly need versus what we want, or desire. God promises to meet our needs, and relies on believers to respond in love to others.
We have all seen the TV ads that flood the screens with the latest gadgets trying to convince us that it is needed to add convenience to our lives, or some offer complete satisfaction with money back guarantee. The fact remains that even if you bought all the gadgets, they would not truly satisfy your basic needs. People have been searching for the “quick fix “ to ease their anxiety or fear and discontentment in their life, and some people may spend money on lavish trips or objects, or follow addictions just to return to the same anxiety.
The truth is that God can use our choices, and experiences to ease the anxiety and motivate us toward Jesus and find contentment in the midst of our doubt.

How do I “get back to the basics” with my family?
First, be intentional about including God’s Word and Prayer in your routine. I love to see families praying over their meal at a restaurant. It inspires me, and it will motivate others. Plus, it teaches your children to honor God and thank him for his provisions for their life. Spending time in God’s Word will enhance your walk too.
Next, be intentional with family time. Mark your calendar and make it a priority to spend time with your children and spouse. Life can get busy with work, school, church and other activities, but family time is so important and will create your favorite memories. Children need this interactive communication with parents and will enjoy cooking, playing games, learning other needed life skills.
Lastly, connect with other believers. Some of the strongest friendships are made through the church, and can last a lifetime. This allows other believers to pray for your family and their needs. God already knows what you need before you ask, but desires to hear from your heart. God can use the network of the Church Family to send provisions and meet a need in your life.

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