Sunday, July 19, 2015

Core Principles for Christian Parenting (Part 4)

Ephesians 4:17-32
Core Principles for Christian Parenting

I. Teach Your Child the Value of the Truth v.25

II. Teach Your Child How to Handle Emotions v.26-27

III. Teach Your Child the Importance of Responsibility v.28a

We are living in a day where abdicated responsibility has become the normal and not the aberrant behavior.
A changed life is not controlled by selfish ambition or a high sense of                                                        entitlement.
It is God’s plan for everyone to work who is able to do so.
Not teaching our children to be responsible is stealing from them their created purpose.
Responsibilities = identity = self-esteem.
Boredom = Not taking responsibility for personal happiness. 
The root of theft is selfishness.
The requirement of parents is to create an individual capable of
handling the world around them.
Prevention is NOT… Protection;
Prevention IS…Equipping a child to walk through a drug-filled, sex-crazed, violent world…SAFELY.
Discipline is not just punishment but guidance. 

IV. Teach Your Child to Be Benevolent v.28b
The value of my life is best discerned by how many I benefit, not how many I can control.

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