Sunday, August 2, 2015

From Ichabod to Ebenezer

I Samuel 7:1-14

When “Ichabod” is declared and the glory of God’s presence is lost, how do we return to God and rediscover his presence and power?

When vital godliness decays, the result is often form faith or ritual.
When religion becomes beautiful instead of sacrificial it is usually devoid of power.
Acknowledging the presence of God does not equal experiencing the power of God.

I. The Desire for the God's Presence Expressed (7:2)

A. Involves an awareness of weakness, defeat and sin

B. Involves an awareness of God's holiness (6:20) 

II. The Demands for Restoration of Fellowship (7:3)

A. Repentance of sin - "return to the Lord with all your heart"

B. Removal of Idols - "remove the foreign gods"

C. Renewal of Heart - "direct your hearts unto the Lord"

D. Reservation of Service - "serve the Lord alone"

III. The Display of Commitment (7:4-6)

A. A Disciplined Obedience v.4

B. A Devout Confession v.5-6 

IV. The Devil's Attack (7:7-8)

A. A past failure brings fear. v.7

B. A present faith brings assurance. v.8

V. The Deliverance of God (7:9-11)

A. The Power of Godly Prayer v.9

B. The Pressure of Godly Fear v.10

C. The Pleasure of Godly Service v.11

VI. The Dedication to the Lord (7:12)


A. Acknowledges our Weakness and Need

B. Acknowledges God's Grace to Us

C. Acknowledges God's Present Power and Presence

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