Sunday, May 14, 2017

Generation to Generation

God made Himself known as the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob – a God of generations. It is our job as believers to pass on the mighty works of God and marvelous grace of the Gospel from generation to generation. This task is not an easy one, and the devil has pulled out all of the stops to hinder our progress, but the God of all generations encourages us through His Word empowering us to complete this important task.?
How the Gospel is being spread from generation to generation:
• 65 years and older 65%
• From 46-64 years35%
• From 34-45 years15%
• From 16-33 years  4%
I. There Are Six Living Generations In America Today
• G.IGeneration (1900 - 1926)
• Silent Generation (1927 - 1945)
• Baby Boomer Generation (1946 – 1964)
• Generation X (1965 – 1980)
• Generation Y (Millennials) (1981 – 2000)
• Generation Z (Boomlets) (2001 – TODAY)
II. If Things Continue To Progress As They Are It Is Possible For An Entire Generation To Not Know The Lord
• When the knowledge of the Lord is well-preserved in a community, especially by those who have personally experienced God's power, faith will continually be sustained and obedience flourish
•  “If we parents allow our children to grow up without this knowledge of God, we serve not only their ignorance and unbelief, but also their destruction.” – John Piper
• If you make a commitment to pass on to your children that which you learn from the Lord, He’ll make sure to give you fresh revelation and practical application to share.

III. If We Desire To Be More Effective In Passing Our Faith On To The Next Generation There Must Be Intentionality
• Intentionally talk to your children about God.
• The plan of God for evangelizing an entire generation was through Biblical truth learned from the preceding generations. 
• Intentionally set up altars in your family.
• When you have living faith in a living God, the past is not 'deadhistory.' It throbs with living reality." - Warren Wiersbe
• Intentionally model your faith in front of your children
• The person you are will inevitably impact and direct what your children and grandchildren will end up doing in their own lives.

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