Sunday, December 2, 2012

Faith On Fire

Elijah – Faith in Faithless Times

1 Kings 18:19–45

Many Christians have felt the pressure that comes from being different, from living out their faith in a faithless generation; but standing alone is never easy.  We feel the pressure to give in to the majority - to accept their values and conform to their beliefs.  Elijah was called on by Jehovah to stand up for His name and redeem His people.

Our faith MUST demonstrate that God is real and reliable, and that everything else is false and undependable.

Four Characteristics Of Elijah’s Faith
  1. He had an AUTHENTIC faith
  2. He had an APPROVED faith
  3. He had an ACTIVE faith
  4. He had an "ARENA" faith
I. The Problem  1 Kings 16:30-34
II. The People  1 Kings 18:21
III. The Prophets 
A.    The Prophets Of Baal – 450 and Asherah – 400 = 850  1 Kings 18:19
Popularity doesn’t determine truth.
B.    The Prophet Of God – Elijah = 1  1 Kings 18:22
IV. The Proposal
A.    The Procedure  1 Kings 18:23
B.    The Purpose  1 Kings 18:24
V. The Prayers  1 Kings 16:25-34
A.    Of Baal’s Prophets  1 Kings 18:25-29
B.    Of God’s Prophet  1 Kings 18:30a
1.     The Preparation of the Altar and Sacrifice - 1 Kings 18:30b-35
If we’ll build an altar – God will light the fire!
2.     The Pointedness of Time - 1 Kings 18:36a
3.     The Purpose of Redemption- 1 Kings 18:36b-37
4.     The Power of Fire - 1 Kings 18:38-40
VI. The Promised Rain 
A.    The Private Promise - 1 Kings 18:41
B.    The Petition of Prayer  1 Kings 18:42
C.    The Patience in Prayer  1 Kings 18:43
D.    The Product of Prayer  1 Kings 18:44-45

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