Sunday, November 22, 2015

To Be Envied (Part 4)

Matthew 5:3-12
In Jesus' teachings known as the Beatitudes, many modern translators translate the word “blessed” with the word "happy."  If Jesus did indeed mean these teachings to be avenues to happiness, we need to know about them, understand them, and make them our own.
I. Lasting “Happiness” is “Believer Blessedness”  
I. Lasting Happiness is not found in Favorable Circumstances  Matthew 5:3
II. Lasting Happiness is not found in the Avoidance of Pain. Matthew 5:4  
III. Lasting Happiness is a Byproduct of Pursuing God.  Matthew 5:6
Thanksgiving and Blessedness
An attitude of gratitude acknowledges the blessing of God in all things.
If God is in control then everything in life is colored with an eternal perspective.
If you are not looking forward to the future as a Christian you can't enjoy the present or be grateful for your past.
V. The Secrets of Happiness Revealed
▪ Happiness is found in purposeful living
▪ Happiness is found in being people oriented
▪ Happiness is found in a passion for God
Characteristics of the Blessed Believer  Psalm 1:1-3
1. The Path of the Blessed Believer  v.1
• He doesn’t Believe like the World
• He doesn’t Behave like the World
• He doesn’t Belong like the World
2. The Pleasure of the Blessed Believer  v.2
The successful believer finds great pleasure in reading the 
Word of God.
The successful believer meditates on the word of God.
When the mind is focused on God and His Word there is 
little the world can do to disturb us. 
3. The Prosperity of the Blessed Believer  v.3  
• His Prominence – a tree firmly planted  
• His Position – by streams of water
• His Productivity – which yields its fruit
• His Predictability – iits season  
• His Permanence – its leaf does not wither
• His Prosperity – in whatever he does, he prospers
Find a humble person with a pure heart, a purpose for living, 
a love for people and a commitment to God and you will find 
a happy man or woman.

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