Sunday, August 30, 2015


John 11:20-27; 32-45

Helping people is a difficult thing to do.  Especially when they don’t understand that they need help.  Not realizing we need help is common in the spiritual lives of people. It’s amazing how we grow content with far less than what God has made us for.

Understanding Man as Tripartite
·             Spirit - the faculty that enables man to communicate with God
·             Soul - forms the personality of man and enables him to contact and function within the psychological realm
·             Body - with its five senses enables man to relate to and communicate with the physical world 

The Problems of a Dead Man 

·             Dead men have no appetite.

·             Dead men have no activity.

·             Dead men have no awareness.

You cannot educate, encourage, or example a dead man to life. A spiritual problem must be met with a spiritual solution.

How to Bring to Life That Which is Dead

The Compassion of a Savior – Jesus Wept.  John 11:35

Jesus meets us at the point of our weakness.  He does not wait for us to get free and come to Him.

Answer the call of Jesus!

This requires leaving the darkness of death and stepping into the light of life.

The Bondage of a Defeated Man John 11:43-46

When you are saved you do not necessarily lose your weakness; you gain a power to overcome it.

The deceit of religion creates defeated disciples.

Jesus Can Set You Free!  John 11:44b

Lazarus couldn’t get his grave clothes off without some outside help! 

Lazarus became Dangerous.  John 12:9-11

If you are not dangerous, you are either dead or defeated


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