Sunday, November 9, 2014

Spirit Equipped for Spiritual Service Part IV

Spirit Equipped for Spiritual Service Part IV
Romans 12:1-8
God calls, equips and empowers the church for its ministry. We continue our review of the seven basic motivational gifts and look at characteristics of the gifts of Teaching and Exhortation as expressed in a believer, how they may serve in the Body of Christ and problems that might occur when the gift is misused or abused.
It is important to remember that any of the Motivational  Gifts can operate through a variety of Ministry Gifts.
Motivational Gifts initiate our involvement and Ministry Gifts equip us for the
 performance of our work.  Ephesians 4:11-12
I. TEACHING Act 18:24-28; Luke 1:1-4; 2 Peter 2:1-3
The motivation to search out and validate truth that has been presented.
SPIRIT-LED Characteristics of Teaching:
1. Believe their gift is Foundational to Strong Faith.
2. Can’t Help But Ask “Why?”.
3. Desire to Present Truth Systematically.
4. Take Great Delight in Thorough Research.
5. Validate Information and Verify the Source.
6. Need to Clarify Misunderstandings.
7. Simplify the Complex Without Losing Depth.
Common Misunderstandings of the Gift of Teaching:
1. Gifted teachers may appear to neglect practical application because they are focused on the facts of teaching.
2. They may appear prideful of their learning because they gain joy from it.
3. Their concern to impart the details of research may appear dull and unnecessary to others.
4. Listeners may feel that teachers who emphasize research are depending upon their study rather than the Holy Spirit.
5. Some people may feel that the teacher's need to present his research objectively may lack warmth and feeling.
NON-SPIRIT-LED Characteristics of Teaching:
1. The gifted teacher will consistently show reverence for the things of God. The teacher living in his own power, however, will be disrespectful of faith in a search for truth.
2. Gifted teaching is dependable, while fleshly teaching is inconsistent.
3. Patience fills the gifted teacher, while restlessness follows him when he teaches under his own power.
4. Under Pressure: Become too serious, haughty, high-minded, critical, contemplative, judgmental, moody, analytical.

5. Need to: Relax, build relationships, ask more questions, allow for discussion, spend more time being practical, be - more friendly, funny, upbeat, enthusiastic.

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