Sunday, November 26, 2023

The Main Thing “The Heart of the Matter”

The Main Thing 

“The Heart of the Matter”
Philemon 1-25 (CSB)

Key Truth: “Jesus is the beginningmiddle, and end of life.” 

Main Question: How should forgiveness become a central aspect of Christian character and action toward others? 


1.    The foundation for forgiveness. (vs. 1-7)

2.    The need for forgiveness. (vs. 8-16)

3.    The act of forgiveness. (vs. 17-25)

After the Message: 
Read Philemon 1-25. What outstanding debt does someone owe you? How have you activated faith and love in response to that debt? How can the attitude and the action of forgiveness begin to typify how you live your life with Jesus as the main thing?


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