Sunday, June 2, 2019

Look Around You

Joshua 4& 1 Corinthians 11:23-29
Today we come to the Lord's Table.  It is a rich memorial that calls on us to remember the sacrifice and promise of Christ. As we approach the table we are called on to spend some time in preparation in order to properly receive the elements of the supper.  
Memorials serve as a permanentrecord for future generationsof an important event, person or action. 
The Threefold Message of the Stones:
1.   Looking back to rememberthe mighty hand of God delivering them…
2.   Looking ahead to what God would do for the cominggenerations
3.   Looking inside themselves to consecratetheir walk with God…
I.      Looking Back – Remember– "in remembrance of Me"
We are to remember in vivid fashion… who we arebecause of what He has donefor us through His body and blood.  
II.    Looking Ahead – Proclaim– "proclaim the Lord's death till He comes" 
The Twofold Message of the Proclamation:
·      We proclaim His death as testimonyof our salvation.  
The Lord’s Supper is equal to our baptismin significance.
Do not receiveif you have notbelievedand surrendered your life to His death.
·      We make known His death with anticipationof His coming.
III.   Looking Within – Examine– "let a man examine himself"
The Introspection is Twofold: 
·  We examine ourselves as to our personalsalvationthrough His body and blood. 

·  We examine ourselves as to our mannerof honoringHis body and blood.

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