Sunday, May 6, 2012

“It Ain’t Over Till It’s Over”

Claiming God’s Promise
Joshua 14
After years of war and conquest the land of Canaan is finally under the control of the people of Israel.  Now with the fighting at an end, the work of dividing up the Promised Land between the remaining tribes had to be done. Caleb, the Kenizzite, an eighty-five year old warrior, steps forward to claim what is rightfully his by God’s promise.  He’s waited forty-five years for his reward.

I.      Caleb Remembers - Joshua 14:6-9
Memories bring feelings but promises bring hope.
Most of the time no one tells you that you are too old; they just ignore you.
II.     Caleb Reflects - Joshua 14:10-11
Reflection moves beyond a memory to evaluate the results and outcomes of the experiences in our lives.
Reflection is to remembering as memorizing is to meditation.
Maturity is to focus on what really matters.
Faith breeds patience.
III.   Caleb Requests - Joshua 14:12
Most older people are more apt to talk about conflicts gone by than to take on a new one.
IV.  Caleb Receives - Joshua 14:13-15
God not only preserved the promise for the man, God preserved the man for the promise.
You can’t take a vacation from your vocation.
The name of the place Caleb inherited was named Hebron. This means "Fellowship".
God has a place of victory, peace and power for us, but we must be willing to claim our possession. It isn't for the faint-hearted, but it is for the faith-hearted.
Lessons of Today’s Message:
1.   We're never done till God takes us home.
2.     God has been preparing you for today's task your whole life long.
3.     Claiming the Promise of God may require effort on your part.
4.     To the young: Be patient. It might take 45 years, but God will keep His promises.
5.     Never underestimate what God can do through someone older than you.

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