Sunday, February 17, 2019

The Power of AGAPE Love

I Corinthians 12:31- 13:13
There is possibly no other word with more definitions and ideas surrounding it than the word “love.”  Remember, this is the "more excellent way", meaning where it can be applied, we can know benefit and blessing beyond any other response.

I. The Necessityof AGAPE Love v.l-3

·      Religion is mere distractionwithout AGAPE love. v.1

·       Religion is emptywithout AGAPE love.  v.2

·       Religion is selfishwithout AGAPE love. v.3  

II. The Characteristicsof AGAPE Love  v.4-7

Love is Patient- Patience with people, not circumstances

Love is Kind - Doing the rightthing in the wrongway is to do the wrong thing.

Love is not Jealous- does not possessothers but drawsothers  

Love is not boastful- more impressed with its own unworthinessthan its own merit

Love is not rude - does not act like lustor uncontrolledpassion.

Love does not seek its own, respectsthe other person and their needs.

Love is not provoked- is not easily angered

Love is not resentful- doesn't keepscore  

Lovedoes not rejoice in unrighteousness - is never glad when others gowrong 

Love rejoices with the truth-is always eagerto believe the best

Love bears all things- is able to protectthe one loved

Love believes all things-istrustworthy

Love hopes all things-isoptimistic

Love endures all things-alwaysperseveres

I. The Maturityof AGAPE Love v.8-12

Every day is a new opportunityfor God to reveal a bit more of Himselfto us as we grow up with Him.

The persons who have "grownup" have laid aside the fantasies and dreams of life as they wantedit to be and fallen in love with life as it is.

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