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Everyday Ministers

Everyday Ministers 

Mark 2: l-12

North Side Baptist Church Mission Statement

Through Worship, we will praise God’s greatness! 

Through Education, we will prepare God’s people! 

Through Evangelism and Missions, we will proclaim God’s message! 

Through Ministry and Fellowship, we will prove God’s love!

The church exists as the body of Christ and His love, not the symbol of Christ and His love 

What was it about these men that caused them to make a difference in a paraplegic’s life?

They Showed Responsibility for Their Fellowman. 

The opportunities for ministry are discovered in the everyday places of our lives.

There is some level of responsibility that each one of us has for every other person on this earth. 

They Showed Love for Their Fellowman. v.3

Things we don't know about these men:

·      Their names

·      Their relationship to the man

·      How they knew him

Things we do know about these men: 

·      They had the HEART of Jesus - Compassion

·      They had the Eyes of Jesus - Sympathy

·      They had the HANDS of Jesus – Service

·      They had the PURPOSE of Jesus – Ministry

Ministry out of convenience seldom accomplishes the proper end.  

They Showed Determination for Their Cause. v.4

No one can say they were not given determination, for it is an act of will and commitment.

A person without vision will be a person without determination.

They Showed Great Faith in Their Lord. v.5

Note: When Jesus saw THEIR faith, He healed the man.

This is known as "vicarious faith" – believing what God can do for another.

Believing for another cannot save them but it can certainly move heaven into earth for them to see theirneed.

Their Reward Was Satisfying.  v.12

Their names were never known because the glory went to Jesus.

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