Sunday, June 19, 2022

The Father’s Heart

The Father’s Heart  

Psalm 103:1-14

How can we make a difference in this world and in the lives of those we love? We can make a difference by showing the Father’s heart to those around us. When we show His heart, we make the gospel personal and believable for them.  


“How do we live in a way that makes the gospel believable?”


Deep Praise

·  It is not just his mind that engages the Lord in praise. It’s the soul.

·  Distraction is the enemy of depth.

Good Memory

·  It is good to remember the work of the Lord.

Long Fuse

·  Compassion and grace are prerequisites to patience. 

Short Memory

·  We need to have a good memory when it comes to what God has done for us. 

We need to have a short memory when it comes to what others have done to us. 

Thick Skin

·  We make the gospel believable when we reflect the heart of God in our response to offense.

Big Heart

·  Know God’s Heart + Model God’s Heart = Make the gospel believable

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