Sunday, April 10, 2022

The Misunderstood Messiah

The Misunderstood Messiah 

John 12:12-16

Jesus was coming “in the name of the Lord” and was the legitimate “King of Israel.”  He was the heir of David, and the Messiah.  But the Jewish people had prepared their own agenda for their Messiah long before Jesus came on the scene.  While it may seem so strange to us that these could not properly understand His purpose, it is the same today.

Jesus’ mission is misunderstood as earthly, but it is eternal.

Jesus’ walk toward the cross - Misunderstanding Jesus’ Kingdom

The Triumphal Entry John 12:12-16 

·  They shouted, “Hosanna!” – an Aramaic term that means “Save us now!”

·  Jesus wasn’t headed to Jerusalem for a coronation, but a crucifixion.

Jesus’ walk toward the cross - Misunderstanding Jesus’ Course

The Garden of Gethsemane John 18:1-11 NASB  

Jesus’ walk toward the cross - Misunderstanding Jesus’ Purpose

The Disciple of Today John 12:25-26 

·  The inner despair of our frustrated expectations can cause us to give up on Jesus, quit praising him, and live self-seeking lives.   

·  The greatest misunderstanding of all is misunderstanding Jesus’ Call to Discipleship.

We misunderstand Jesus, for example, if we look to him only as a source of material blessings for this life.

We misunderstand Jesus if we look to him only for the hour of death and for eternity.  

We want a Savior, but not a Lord.

We misunderstand Jesus if we see Him and the Church as a religious symbol.

·  Improper perspective will always result in what we consider false promise.

There must be an expectation for there to be disappointment. Disappointment – when things don't happen the way WE think they should.

God is never surprised by the course or the circumstances.  

Unrealistic expectations can lead to unnecessary discouragement. 

Satan’s path to defeat: Expectation – Frustration – Disappointment - Discouragement – Disillusionment (loss of vision} – Depression – Defeat  

·  The Kingdom of God exists everywhere God reigns or where Jesus is Lord!

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