Thursday, January 2, 2020

A Time to Laugh and Dance

Thursday, January 2, 2020
A time to weep… and a time to mourn, there is also a time to laugh… and a time to dance. — Ecclesiastes 3:4

A new year.  None of us know what this year will hold for us but weeping and mourning are a part of life. Unexpected things have a way of taking us off guard and knocking us off our feet.  But we have a gift in knowing that God is sovereign and in control of this new year and if tragedies come, we can trust He will give us the strength to get through it.  

Although there will be valleys ahead, God does not want us to live in the expectation of weeping and mourning.  Yes it will come, but in the meantime, lets laugh and dance in the freedom and joy of the Lord!  God does not intend for us to go through life and not experience the peace of letting Him be in control.  We struggle with giving Him control and resting in His promises, but until we can relinquish it all to Him, we only trudge through the days, waiting for the next shoe to drop.  He wants us to experience abundance and He sent His Son so we could have that abundant life.

Difficulties will come but instead of letting them completely steal our joy, we need to grow through them and move forward, because after all, life will move forward whether or not we go willingly. So as you start this year, try to make it a priority to laugh and dance more.  Life is so short; we need to grab every ounce of living that God has gifted us with. Delight in Him, dance more and laugh often. There is nothing more wonderful than freedom from a burden and He wants our burdens so we can live free. Give them over and live fully in His joy in 2020. 

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