Sunday, February 24, 2019

God’s Triangle of Grace

I Corinthians 13:13
We labor so intensely to do good works, to sing great songs of praise, to present powerful messages of hope and salvation, to study His Word, to faithfully come to worship. What is missing that is so important? The answer?  Faith, hope, and love.  Faith, hope, and love are imparted to our lives through the grace of God.
In the physical body, the organs are all present to aid the blood.  
Spiritual giftsare of less value than spiritual graces.

I. The Strength of aTriangle

Loveis the foundational piece of the triangle. The love of God causes us to have faithand the love of God gives us hope.    

II. The Elementsof God’s Grace Triangle

·    Faithwhich comes from God as a grace gift  

·  Faith unitesus to Christ; secures our forgiveness, justification, sanctification and final and complete redemption.
·  KnowGod, knowfaith.  NoGod, nofaith. 
·  Some would say that faith is the foundationof the triangle, yet it is the loveof God that draws us and sustains our faith and hope.
·  Faith is betting it all on one great premise: that God is in control.
·    Hopewhich comes from God as a grace gift
·  Faith believes that God cando, and Hope believes that God willdo.
·  Faith believes what hope expects. Hope expects what faith believes

·  Hopeis believing that the future is possible.  Hope means that you believe that your future has significance.  

·  Having FAITHin God will bringHOPEwhich is born again in our hearts through His everlasting LOVE.

·    Lovewhich comes from God as a grace gift

·  The evidence of God’s work in the life of a believer is not the worksthey perform, but the new naturethat controlsthem.
·  As truelovegrows in us, Godgrows in us.

·  You can give without lovingbut you can’t lovewithout giving.

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