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Moses - the Reluctant Leader Part 1 - “Who Am I”

 Moses - the Reluctant Leader 

Part 1 - “Who Am I”

Exodus 3

The greatest privilege of man is to be used by God to do His work.  
A man must not only be empty of selfish pride and sufficiency to be used but must also be willing to allow God to perform His will in His abilities and design.

The greatest privilege of man is to be used by God to perform His work.

A leader is someone going somewhere with such confident determination that others just naturally fall inbehind.

·  People aren’t leaders because they are in key positions.  

·  It is doubtful that people are “born leaders.” 

·  Someone who has the ability to do something well is not automatically a leader.

·  Moses experienced what all leaders ultimately fear - rejection by the people they are called to lead.

God had a purpose for a desert experience. 

·  Shepherding leadership differed significantly from the Egyptian style of leadership.

·  He had tried to do God's work in his own way and had failed miserably. 

·  It is not enough to be empty, but one must also be willing to be filled to allow God to supply His ability and power to do His will in His way.

God's Call - Exodus 3:1-10

An earthly bush with a heavenly fire v. 3:2

Moses chooses to turn aside.  v. 3:3

·  Inquiry leads to revelation

God speaks.  v. 3:4-10

·  Protective Warning v. 3:4-5

·  Personal Identification v. 3:6

·  A Presentation of the Problem v. 3:7,9

·  A Plan for Deliverance v. 3:8

·  Privileged Call v. 3:10

The Reluctant Leader’s Response - Exodus 3:11

Most of the time, when we make an excuse, it is because we have prioritized the request to a level lower than the one requesting.

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