Sunday, July 19, 2020

Living In The Land Of The Giants Part II

Living In The Land Of The Giants Part II

Numbers 14:9

Today we find out the difference between the ten spies who refused to fight and the two who were ready to go to battle against the giants.

 I.    How to Lose a Battle with a Giant Numbers 14:40-45

II.    The Giants of Life Have a Common Purpose Joshua 11:3-5

III.    Caleb The Giant Killer Numbers 14:24

·   Caleb’s Commitment

Caleb was not in to ‘SOCIAL DISTANCING’ from God! - Rabbi Samuel Nobles

Half-hearted Christians are faint-hearted Christians and they never learn to conquer the giants in their lives. 

Caleb's confidence (faith) was in God's word and His promise 40 plus years before.

We all want Canaan without going through the wilderness. Ravi Zacharias

Our desire and belief do not qualify us to be given a place beyond our capability.  That would be God giving us failure.

Faith IS the Victory that Overcomes the World.

    Faith is a deep settled conviction that God will do what He has promised!  

     ·   Caleb's Courage

      Obstacles in the Quest for Canaan

    He Had To Overcome Grasshopper Vision.
    He Had To Overcome the Giants.
·   Caleb's Conquest

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