Sunday, July 3, 2022

A Cry for Restoration

 A Cry for Restoration 

Psalm 80

In Psalm 80 we hear the plea of a patriot of Israel who cries out for God to retore his nation and bring his blessing.Though he was a patriot and loved his country, he was also a man of God, and therefore burdened for his country. He was in a situation then much as we are in today.

Sin brings death in whatever form it might come.

When the truth of God is exchanged for the lies of the world, the blessing of God is removed.

He Recalls God’s Deliverance and Foundation

·       This vine was sovereignly planted.       

·       The vine was supernaturally prosperous.  

·       The vine was scorched by sin

There are at least three implications of the word, righteousness…

·       Righteousness implies sovereignty

·       Righteousness implies a standard
There is no truth for the world, for they reject the Word of God. There is no righteousness for the world, for they reject the person of God.

·       Righteousness implies confidence.

·       As surely as righteousness exalts a nation, sin destroys it.
The problem with America is not the government but the culture.  Not the politicians but the populace.

The immorality of the nation is displayed through its media.

He Prays for God’s Grace

·       There was no response to their supplication.  
Grace is not lenient toward sin.

·       There was no rest for their trouble. 

·       There was no respect for their reputation. 

·       Our problem is not just the presence of sin; it is the absence of God.

·       When God is minimized, sin is maximized

Restore Us for Your Glory   

The word restore literally means “to turn.”

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