Sunday, January 19, 2020

Water Cooler Evangelism Part 2

John 4:4-42
The majority of believers feel that they have done their part by believing in and worshipping Christ.  But, as believers, what we have experienced brings us the privilege of sharing with others a lifechanging message.

I. How Jesus Changed the Woman  4:4-26 
  • Jesus Risked His Reputation

  • Jesus Answered Her Questions  

  • Jesus Caused Her to Face the Truth About Her Life . vs.15-19

II. How Jesus Changed the Disciples  4:27-38

·   Jesus put the disciples in conflict with their culture. vs.27

·   The woman's amazement was with who Jesus was.  The disciples’ amazement was about what Jesus was doing.

Sanctity of Life

·   Prejudice is deeply rooted in every culture. 

·   Men, women and children created in God’s image should be respected, regardless of their mental capacity, physical ability, age, faith (or absence of faith) or social position.

Who Are Those Victimized By a Disregard for The Sanctity of Human Life?

·   People who refuse to receive God’s full forgiveness live under a cloud of shame.

·   We live in a time in which people would rather die than continue living with less than a perfect "quality of life."

·   Human dignity is an innate value, bestowed on us by God by being made in His image. It is not based on the ability to care for ourselves or competence to complete a task.

Jesus Introduced the disciples to a spiritual appetite and satisfaction. vs.31-34  

He Inspired the disciples to look beyond the obvious. vs.35-38

·   Tomorrow is not the day of salvation; today is the day of salvation.

III. How Jesus Changed the Town  4:39-42

·   Jesus changed the town through the testimony of the woman.vs.39

·   Jesus changed the town with His caring words. 40-41

·   Jesus changed the town by the people believing in Him. vs.42

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