Sunday, November 1, 2015

To Be Envied

Matthew 5:3-12
In Jesus' teachings known as the Beatitudes, many modern translators translate the word “blessed” with the word "happy."  If Jesus did indeed mean these teachings to be avenues to happiness, we need to know about them, understand them, and make them our own.
When there are actions and attitudes contrary to happiness-producing character, it is impossible to be happy.
The realm of happiness is ruled over by principles.
I. Lasting “Happiness” is “Believer Blessedness”
Blessed refers to that which is God's gift; not human attainment.
Blessed refers to true inner well-being and fulfillment that rises from our spirit.
II. Lasting Happiness is not found in Favorable Circumstances  Matthew 5:3
Physical things don’t fill a spiritual vacuum.
Jesus says that humility is a way to happiness, not power or pride.  Matthew 5:5
The source of my happiness depends on the state of my heart, not my circumstances.
III. Lasting Happiness is not found in the Avoidance of Pain Matthew 5:4  
Happiness is not the absence of stress or problems but the respect and joy we discover in conquering them.
IV. Lasting Happiness is a Byproduct of Pursuing God
Matthew 5:6; Psalms 16:11; Matthew 5:8; Matthew 6:32-33
Fragmented pursuits in life for that which can make us happy keep us caught up in anxiety and chaos.
V. The Secrets of Happiness Revealed

A. Happiness is found in purposeful living.

B. Happiness is found in being people oriented.

C. Happiness is found in a passion for God.

Find a humble person with a pure heart, a purpose for living, a love for people and a commitment to God and you will find a happy man or woman.

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