Sunday, December 29, 2019

“Enlarge My Border!”

Enlarge My Border!
1 Chronicles 4:10b

God has called all of His children to be ministers of His grace and goodness. Our vision of our field of service limits how widely God can bless others through us.  Jabez knew the work God had done in his life and asked God to allow him an opportunity to be a blessing to many.

Jabez was seeking to live life by the motto, "I want to be _______ and do ________ for God."

Territory for us is not earthly ________________, but spiritual _______________________.

When we pray this prayer, we are praying for God to:

·         Expand our _________________________________ so we can reach more people.

·         Enlarge our __________________________ so we can be found more faithful.

·         Open more ________________________ for ministry so that we can be a used by God.

What would God have to expand What would need to happen for us to know the kind of increase Jabez was asking for?

I. Expand our ____________

A.   Of ______ We Are

Most people and churches are limited by their __________.

Having something to ____ is not __________ something.

B.   Of __________ We Are

God is not only ________ us but ____ us!   Acts 1:8 

We would rather God work ____ us rather than _____________ us.

C.   Of _________ We _________

II. Expand our __________

A. The Expanded Heart of _____________ to Move Beyond Our _____________ _________

We should never reach a place as a child of God where we are totally ____________________ with our walk and our _____________ to a lost and dying world.

When a congregation becomes __________________, that church begins to ______!  People even seek churches where they are _____________________, not _____________________.

B. The Expanded Heart of _______ to _____________ Us to Action

Love is a ________.  It is not just an ______________.  We are ______________________ to love so that we will ___________________ love.

Love demands ____________.

C.   The Expanded Heart of ____________ to Increase Our ____________________

Jabez prayer was for _____________________ to serve the purpose of God.

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