Sunday, April 5, 2020

Jesus Authority Over the Spiritual World

Jesus Authority Over the Spiritual World
Matthew 8:28-34

The miracles of Jesus can be put into three primary categories: miracles of healing, miracles over nature, and miracles of casting out demons. However, the greatest miracle of Jesus was His resurrection from the dead. From now through Easter, we will take a look at the different kinds of miracles that Jesus performed and how they make a difference in our lives today.

The focus of this story could easily be the deranged man running in the graveyard with chains.  But the real focus should be on the one who has the power over spiritual darkness.

Satan is not omnipresent like God for God is Spirit and Satan is a single being.  Satan uses forces in the world to serve his purpose. 

Satan does not care whether you believe in him or his demons so long as you are open to his influence on your passions.

Spiritual Warfare and the Christian
The accounts in Matthew 8 are not just about what Jesus did, but about Jesus’ power in the universe, regardless of what categories we use to talk about them.
There is a spiritual war going on and it is the basis of all that is happening and will happen in this world.  To deny it is not to separate your life from it.
Tearing down places where Satan has control in your life must often be done the way they were erected, brick by brick, or thought by thought.

The Man Who Lost Control
How much do we tolerate evil and think we can control in our addictions until we are bound in chains and feel powerless to break free?
The world cannot change someone trapped in spiritual bondage.  Control will not change people!
Jesus is Lord, and whatever negative power that is against you at this present moment: rest assured that it will never sustain itself in the presence of Jesus.
The Power of God’s Word and Grace  Hebrews 4:12-16
At the end of the day, it doesn't matter what is lined up against us we are safe in the power that Jesus brings.
The Results of the Encounter 
The Afflicted Man Received Him. Luke 8:38-39
The Affected Town Rejected Him Matthew 8:33-34
The Believers Learn the Power of Christ Over Spiritual Darkness James 4:5-8

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