Sunday, September 13, 2015

Foundation for the Future

“We Are North Side!”Philippians 1:3-7a
Now is a good time to relax and reflect on how God has blessed this place called North Side.  There is something special about this place...because there is something special about the people who gather here.  It will be helpful if we look back for a moment at the past decade and see how God has blessed. 

A Vision, A Commitment and A New Place

God calls special people to special tasks at special times.

North Side became a fellowship on a mission.

The choice of God for His purpose makes us responsible. But, to be only responsible is not to be used. 

A shared vision becomes a powerful vision. Nehemiah 2:18; 20

Foundation for the Future

Healthy, growing churches are composed of healthy, growing believers seeking to fulfill the mission of Christ in the world.

We will be measured not by the people who gather but the people who are served.

Our successful ministries have been the products of the burden, vision and coordination of members. 

The Atmosphere of North Side  John 13:1-17

I. An Atmosphere of Constant Love  v.1  

A. Flowing from a Christ connection

B. Creating security and trust    I John 1:8 

C. Constant love is a drawing love.

II. An Atmosphere of Hospitality  v.4-5

A. Shown by personal, physical attention

B. Shown by informality of ministry

III. An Atmosphere of Holiness v.6-10 

A. The Demand of Holiness by Christ v.8

B. The Desire for Holiness by disciples v.9

C. The Depth of Holiness  v.10

IV. An Atmosphere of Humility  v.12-15

A. Dependent on proper understanding  v.12 

B. Dependent on proper profession  v.13

C. Dependent on personal participation  v.14

D. Demonstrated by Christ's example  v.15

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