Sunday, September 18, 2016

Blessed Forgiveness

Psalm 32
The need of forgiveness or an awareness of sin and the damage it has done leaves man crying out for freedom from guilt and shame.  Anyone who has experienced the wonderful release of God's forgiveness can understand the heart of the Psalmist as they read Psalm 32.
Separation from God is not caused by His will but rather by His holiness.
This Psalm may be a better description of true guilt than it is forgiveness.
Forgiveness is basic to the restoration of a broken relationship.
God does not have to forgive but longs to forgive those who confess their wrong and seek to turn their life toward Him.
I.     A Picture of Forgiveness  v.l-2
A.    The Necessity of Honesty“no guile, no deceit”
B.    The Totality of Sin - "transgression, sin, iniquity"
C.   The Completeness of Forgiveness - "forgiven, covered, does not impute"
II.     A Personal Testimony  v.3-7
A.    The Previous Conviction  v.3-4 - Guilt = anxiety, pressure, weakness
B.    The Prior Responses  v.5 - Confession by man, cleansing by God
C.   The Present Position  v.6-7 - Safe, secure, supported
III.     A Pertinent Lesson  v.8-10
A.    God's desire is to lead without pressure. v.8
B.    God’s desire is submission not subjection. v.9
C.   God’s mercy smothers those who trust Him. v.10

Powerful praise replaces oppressing guilt. v.11

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