Monday, April 17, 2023

What More Can We Do?

Monday, April 17, 2023  Some material taken from More Than A Story Part 2

Because, if you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved… Romans 10:9  

What More Can We Do? 

Last Sunday we learned that what we do for God is our story, but what God does in us produces a testimony. Our testimony begins when we realize our brokenness and need for God. How He transforms us from broken to redeemed and for the rest of our lives after is our testimony. After we are born again, we are a living testimony as God continues to transform us and continues to work in our hearts. We are a new creation in Him.

As we live out our lives as a living testimony, God strategically places us in the lives of certain unbelievers so that we might introduce them to Him. Nothing in your life is ever by mistake. Take nothing for granted and do no treat any connection as random. God has His hand on your life, and He wants you to introduce all those around you to Him. How does that happen? 

How can we do more to introduce Jesus to the unbelievers in our lives? 

Pray. Continue praying

If you have been praying for your “one” for the thirty-six days before Easter and they still so not seem interested in knowing anything more about God than when you started, don’t give up hope. Keep praying for them and for God to work in their heart. Keep showing them the same love and acceptance you have been showing them. 

Share. Conversion is God’s work; sharing is our opportunity to: 

·  Share the work God has done in us when we were born again→ How we went from story to testimony. How were you before you were born again? How did God come into your life and how are you different since then? 

·  Sharing is our opportunity to remember His grace and faithfulness to us. It renews our heart and affections. It is always good for us to remember what God has done for us. In the daily grind we get buried under our circumstances and think more about what we want Him to do than what He has done. He is a faithful Father to us. 
present in my everyday life → It is a reminder to me that I can’t fix it…He rescues me from it.

·  Sharing is our opportunity to join Him in His work He has for every believer to do. As a follower of Jesus, if I am going to follow Him, I want to be where He is, doing what He’s doing. He is where there is sharing.

Wherever you are is where God can use you. Don’t wait for a better audience or a more prestigious place to witness. Where you are is where you need to speak. When you have the opportunity to share the Gospel, then share it. God uses us right where we are, and sometimes when we least expect it.

Live like you are on special mission from God because you are. He has given you a message, a message that a lost world desperately needs to hear. They need to be introduced to the God who changed you. You have a story that goes along with that message. Be ready for the call to be the one God uses when He opens a heart. 


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