Sunday, July 22, 2018


II Corinthians 10:3-6
The Christian life is not a passivelife, but a life of victorymarked by ongoing battles against the power of evil.
Satan’s strongholds exist wherever he has ruledin place of God and kept us from knowingGod.  
A “stronghold” is an entrenched pattern of thought, ideologyvalueor behavior.
The destructive strongholds which form in our minds are the lieswhich have taken the place of God’s truth.
Satan wants to defeat us with perceptions that promote powerlessnessand weakness.  

I. How Strongholds Develop  

· The Battleground of the Mind

Satan’s desire is to make us thinkwrong before we actwrong to avoid the guilt and shame of wrong. 
Satan's joy is to capture the mind of a new believer and turn them to the worldfor the definitionof what has occurred in their life.
·  The Battleground of Experience
Behavior pathway - Senses- Thoughts - Emotions - Action- Habit - Attitude - Character
Satan only needs a pieceof your life to ruleyour life.  

II. RecognizingStrongholdsRomans 7:14-23

·  Check your lifestyle.

·  Check attitudes.
·  Check your relationships
·  The danger of compartmentalization

III. OvercomingStrongholds  Galatians 2:20

·  Acknowledgeyour weakness. 

·  ConfessGod’s truth for your life. 

·  Repent… Grieve over your sin.

·  DrawneartoGodJames 4:8-10
·  Visualizeyour life alive to God and dead to sin.
·  Reclaim the victory over your sin.

·  Rebuildyour life.

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