Sunday, March 15, 2020

A Word For Troubled Hearts

A Word For Troubled Hearts
John 14:1-14
Jesus told His disciples to choose to not let their hearts be troubled.
 I.     Realize The Hope Of Heaven
We are just passing through this world.
If we are not heavenly minded, we will never truly enjoy the good things of earth.
·  The material things of this earth will never satisfy like the things the Lord has prepared for those who love Him.
Jesus is the only way to heaven.
·  The way is not found in learning about Jesus or trying to be like Jesus; it is just Jesus.
II.     Understand the Nature of the Father
Jesus is the exact expression of God the Father.
·  All of the perfections that are found in God the Father are found in Jesus also.
The nature of God is known through Jesus.
·  The answer is to look to the person of Jesus Christ.
·  The proper pursuit of the knowledge of God, through the Son of God, will result in a relationship with the person of God.
III.     Embrace The Privilege Of Prayer
In knowing the nature of the Father, the heart of godly works and answered prayer is revealed
Greater Works
·  Jesus did not expect the disciples to disband after His departure, but to carry on the work in an even greater way.
·  When we preach the gospel and sinners believe, we are doing the greater work.
Praying in Jesus Name
·  To pray “in Jesus name” means to pray in nature with who Jesus is.

·  Many believers have prayers that have been asked amiss and go unanswered.

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