Sunday, June 16, 2013

Men in Camo

Psalm 39:1-7
Contrary to popular belief, men do have feelings. But most men are reluctant to share those feelings with others. Women, on the other hand, have no problem opening up. Why the difference?  Societies have trained boys from a young age to keep their emotions in check.  But at some point a man must deal with his feelings.  There is a dilemma here.  A man should be able to control his emotions in order to think clearly and respond to circumstances that threaten his family.  But he cannot allow emotions to simmer in his belly.

Men are masters of camouflage
Men learn to ignore emotions in order to meet crises and respond with
“I Can Handle It!”
In order to properly protect his family, a man had to learn to compartmentalize his feelings. 

I.     Deal with your emotions or your emotions will deal with you. Psalm 39:1-3

Hiding the truth from others presents a desired but not honest front.

Too often, the Christian community has minimized, if not criticized the open expression of human emotions.  

Hiding our Feelings is Dishonesty with Ourselves. v.1

Emotions are barometers of our inner feelings.  Emotions are you talking to you.

·     Depression = Anger turned inward

·     Anxiety = The repression of a truth about life

Hiding the truth from yourself leads to the pot boiling over. v.2-3a

What we don’t talk out, we act out!

II.     Speaking the Truth Unleashes Frustration. Psalm 39:3b-6

Talking is therapy for many an illness. Psalms 39:3b
Honesty in Confession is mandatory. Psalms 39:4-6

III.     Honest Sharing Reveals Answers to Our Questions. Psalm 39:7

The answers to our questions and searchings often come when we pass them through the faculties of our speech.

Prayer is often the vessel that God uses to give us answers.
The answer to our prayer may not be a correction of the circumstances, but a new awareness of His providential care and grace.

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