Sunday, January 23, 2022

A Desperate Faith

A Desperate Faith

Mark 10:43-52

One of the credentials of the Messiah would be the healing of the blind and thus restoring sight. (Isaiah 42:1-7)Jesus, being the Messiah, was fulfilling the prophecy of Isaiah as He brought healing to the blind man, Bartimaeus.  We can learn much about how to deal with our own “blindness” from this man.

  I.     Life Can Impair Us - Mark 10:46

Bartimaeus’ Problem - The place he lived was cursed... His people were bad... He was blind... He was poor(Other than that everything was fine.)

The condition Jesus found him in was without hope that anything could or would change without a miraclein his life.  

II.     People Seldom Care Enough to Help Us - Mark 10:47-48a

Three Wrong Assessments by the Crowd:

·      That Bartimaeus didn’t matter

·      That Jesus didn’t care

·      That they were better

The response of a desperate man is to minimize the negative voices that clatter around him.

III.     Never Underestimate an Opportunity - Mark 10:48b

Bartimaeus was pitifully aware of his condition. 

·      As a result of the Fall, sin is in each of us—not just the 
susceptibility to sin, but sin itself.

Bartimaeus displayed penetrating insight into the person of Christ.

Bartimaeus had passionate persistence.

Opportunities only become opportunities when we embrace them as opportunities.

IV.     Listen for the Voice of Jesus -- Mark 10:49

Jesus Heard

·      The one who seeks to minister hears the world differently than others.

Jesus Stopped! The Son stood still.

·      He pays the ultimate tribute to one in need – He gave him attention.

·      Jesus never healed anyone on the run.

Jesus Called

Jesus Listened

V.     Exercise Faith with Abandon - Mark 10:50-52

Complete faith is obedient faith.

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