Sunday, August 22, 2021

Prone To Wander

Sunday, August 22, 2021 

Prone To Wander

Luke 15:11-32

It is a sad time when we find that we have wandered far away from our intended destination.  It is a tragedy when we find that we have wandered far away from who we really desired to be.  The good news is, we can always turn around and go back to become who God has made us to be.

The wandering spirit is a part of human nature.

The Characters of the Story

I. The Wandering Son v.12-19

What happens when we cast off God's authority?

·  Self is enlarged 

·  Thinking is impaired

·  Find yourself in need

·  You sell yourself cheap.

·  You Find Yourself Alone.  

Types of Wanderers

·  The Rebellious Wanderer

They think that other people are their problem.

·  The Selfish Wanderer  

Immaturity is the inability to connect actions and consequences.

·  The Wounded Wanderer

Hidden hurts close hearts and ears.

·  The Ashamed Wanderer

·  The Distracted Wanderer  

·  The Deceived Wanderer 

The darkest part of wandering until you’re lost is that you lose not only your sense of forget Whose you really are.

One of the best days in your life as a prodigal is when you come to your senses.”

The beginning of the journey back home begins with confession and repentance.

The prodigal son qualifies his sin as against the Father.

II. The Loving Father v.20

The Father’s love does not depend on how good you are or what you do but His blessing is found in obedience to His will.

III. The Self-Righteous Son v.25-28

The older brother was in the house but missed the blessing of being with the father! 


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