Sunday, February 7, 2021

Many Are My Foes

 Sunday, February 7, 2021

Many Are My Foes
Psalm 3

We all know that trials are a certainty in life. The presence of trials is not so much the problem as how we handle them. Trusting and relying on God is the only sure way to victory.    

What once was your greatest joy may become your greatest area of bitterness or disappointment.

It is not easy to “believe” Great energy must be expended and knowledge possessed.

The power of faith is best expressed when to all around you it seems you are being destroyed but you can see God's hand - and rest.

The greatest time of trial in your life is the greatest opportunity for the exercise of your faith.

  I. Trials Consume v.1-2 ESV

Troubles always come in flocks.

Satan will use these things to create false threats in our lives:

·   Rumors

·   Exaggeration

·   Lies

·   Ignorance

·   Prejudice

·   The Unknown

What will overcome fear that has broken through our borders?

·   Reason overcomes fear.

·   Experience overcomes fear.

·   Faith overcomes fear.

·   Confidence from the past overcomes fear.

·   Protection overcomes fear.

·   Knowledge overcomes fear.

·   Prayer overcomes fear.

God is not known for His keeping us FROM trial alone, but His keeping us IN trial as well.

The doubting world can bring no hope but increases our fear.

If God's provision extends only to the saintly, then we are all in trouble.

II. Faith is Confessed v.3 ESV

Recognizing God's Protection

Claiming God's Provision

III. Prayer Consoles v.4 ESV

A VERBAL cry to express emotion 

When we know God hears, we know He will answer.

What man says to God is not so important as what God says to man.

As we cry out in spirit, so God answers in spirit.

IV. Hope Constructs v.5-6 ESV

Creates a serenity for rest

Creates trust in providence

Creates strength to encounter the trial

V.God Controls v.7-8 ESV

A new focus on the power of God In place of the problem

A confident trust that God will save

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