Sunday, January 5, 2014

I’m Hooked on a Feeling Part II

Jonah 4:1-11

Jonah is pouting.  He is angry at God because the fire of judgment didn’t fall. No earthquake, no invading army, no revolution, no fire from heaven.  Jonah’s anger was evidently not something that suddenly occurred. It had been building over a long period of time.  It had turned into something much worse...resentment.

How does Resentment affect our lives?

I.     Resentment Destroys Our Peace - Jonah 4:1 

II.     Resentment Causes Whining Jonah 4:3-4 

Focus on your Healer and not your hurt.

III.     Resentment Creates Drama in Life Jonah 3:5-9 

Doing God’s work in man’s power is a sure path to resentment.

IV.     Resentment Claims Our Focus Jonah 4:5 

Resentment will monopolize your attention.

Resenting someone is a way of never leaving that person.

Choose what you remember from your past carefully. 
Your peace is at stake.

V.     Resentment Drains My Strength Jonah 4:6-8

Getting a good education sometimes means learning lessons
you would never choose to learn.
When our pleasure is more precious than God’s purpose, beware the worm!

VI.     Resentment Warps My Values  Jonah 4:9-11

He invites us to look at the world through His eyes, in light of His character, with His purposes in mind.
Warped values come from selfish interests.

VII.     How to Overcome Resentment

·      Identify the source of the resentful feelings.

·      Admit exactly how you feel.

·      Identify the “hot buttons.''

·      Realize that resentment is often a result of jealousy.

·      Recognize jealousy is often a byproduct of one’s insecurity.

Pride is the core of resentment.

·      Develop a new way of looking at past, present and future.

·      Pray for the person you resent.

·      Fully forgive the one who hurt you.

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