Monday, September 24, 2018


The Word of God is as eternal as the God who spoke it. There is a timelessness to the Word of God due to the fact that It speaks to the nature of man which never changes and the basic needs of man which are the same in any generation. Sermons preached by great prophets of old can be proclaimed in the pulpits of the 20th century with little if any adaptation.  
It is our joy and privilege to receive the blessing of God's Word In a variety of forms.  In the Bible there are passages of direction, wisdom, consolation. Judgment etc.  For every need of man there is a corresponding message from God.
All of us respond differently to the various forms of the message of God.  Some appeal to us more and others are clearer for us to understand.  The Psalmist gives thanks to God for the various forms of the Word of God in expression recognizing the distinct value and truth of each one.  We are going to look at these verses above, translating the words of the Psalmist into our language to help us to gain the same appreciation he had.  
The LAW of the Lord is PERFECT, REVIVING the soul. v 7a
LAW – In the Bible, the word law is the revealed truth about God and all His work.  It stands above all the scientific truth seen in nature.  This is the basis of our doctrine about God and His nature, desire and work for us.  
IS PERFECT – The law of the Lord is perfect – or complete, able to accomplish its task.  God’s revealed truth displays all that fallen and needy man needs to know to be changed. The Word of God has a purpose and it is able to accomplish it.  
REVIVING – The law of the Lord is reviving – or restoring, turning about a soul.  God’s purpose is to bring us to a new and meaningful relationship with Him.  The Word of God gives us the needed truth.  
The TESTIMONY of the Lord is SURE, MAKING WISE the simple.  v. 7b
TESTIMONY -  A testimony is a stated truth of God for men.  God spoke through the prophets, the angels, and His Son.  
Is SURE – the testimony of the Lord does not vacillate and cannot be shaken.  God never contradicts Himself.  His words are spoken from the unchangeable truth of eternity.  There is no reason for change.  
MAKING WISE THE SIMPLE – The Lord gives wisdom to all who hear it in faith.  
What these verses say to us is that the revealed truth of God is able to accomplish its proposed work of restoring a soul to God, and the testimony of God cannot be shaken and will give wisdom to all who need it.  His truth can restore anysoul to God.  Any broken down, steeped in sin, back-sliding soul still has hope because His word is perfect, and His testimony is unshakable.  His wisdom is free for all who want it.  

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