Sunday, July 30, 2017

Trusting in the Word You’ve Heard

Genesis 27:1-23
People have a tendency to trust in what they can see, touch, taste, smell, etc. but the one thing God has given us that can be trusted above our faculties, no matter the situation or the circumstance, is the eternal Word of God.
I.      Isaac Trusted in What He Could See.
·    What you see is not always what you get.
·    What you see is not always what it appears to be.
·    Faith is not blind; it just chooses to see what unbelief never will.

II.     Isaac Trusted in What He Could Feel.
·  Just because something feels right doesn’t mean that it is right.
·  Feelings make a great caboose but a horrible engine.
·  Even the most noble of feelings can be wrong.

III.   Isaac Trusted in What He Thought.
·  What you think comes from the heart.
·  You do not need to follow your heart, you need to lead it.
·  One of the biggest hindrances to Christian people is preconceived ideas.

IV.  The Only Thing Isaac Didn’t Do Was Trust the Word That He Heard.
·  It is the Word of God that will help keep you from being deceived by what things look like and feel like.
·  Putting the Word of God into practice will help keep you from deceiving yourself.

·  If you will trust in what you hear from the Word, it will change your perspective on everything else.

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