Sunday, February 2, 2020

The Next Step

The Next Step

Nehemiah 5:1-13

One of the keys to maintaining growth is making sure that those who attend North Side as guests have a good experience. If we are to continue to reach, teach and minister to additional families and individuals here at North Side, we must take The Next Step.

Real community gives significance and identity to individuals.

The essence of koinonia is not superficial relationship but intimate communion. 

No one is outside of the grace of God and should not be outside the grace of fellowship. 

The place our church stands in today is on the threshold of The Next Step in maintaining our impact on the lives of people. 

We have yet to see what NSBC can do when we all participate to meet a large financial challenge.

Not Equal Gifts, But Equal Sacrifice

God provides for His task by blessing His people so that they might share in the work. 

I. The ProjectRestoration of Jerusalem  2:5

·         Nehemiah had actually been listening to the preachers, Haggai and Zechariah. 

·         Burdens develop as God's heart becomes ours.

·         Nehemiah’s spiritual burden was reflected in the course of his life.

·         A Confirmed Vision Accepted by Others  1:18

II. The Problem - Unequal Sacrifice  5:1-8

·         God chose these people to do the work.  It was His work and His choice.  The call to work was a call to sacrifice for His purpose.

·         You can only spell “WE” with an “I” in it.

III. The PrincipleEqual Sacrifice  5:9-11

IV. The Promise – Equal Participation  5:12

·         A scarcity mentality is not for a disciple of Jesus.

·         The greatest goal of this effort is that the church experiences koinonia!

V. The Praise – Fellowship Restored  5:13

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