Sunday, January 2, 2022

Facing Opportunity

 Facing Opportunity 

Deuteronomy 1:8

There is a great and wonderful challenge that God is placing before us — something that He is calling us to do to reach and minister to others. Are we willing to take on the challenge in 2022?  

Canaan-Land Opportunity

A Canaan-Land Opportunity is an occasion in our life that God presents us to claim His blessing through obedience to His direction

  I.     God’s Plan from the Beginning   Genesis 17:7-8

·  God did not save us for us to be defeated.

·  God wants His people to experience victory!

II.     Man’s Actions of Unbelief

·  God has been at work in this world to restore fellowship with man.

·  Unbelief is serious because it challenges the character of God and rebels against the will of God.

III.     The People’s Period of Wailing

·  Gossips never lack an audience.

God’s judgment was threefold:

·  The nation would wander for 38 years, thus making 40 years in the wilderness.

·  The older generation would die and not enter the land, except for Caleb and Joshua.

·  The unbelieving spies died because of the evil report they delivered. 

IV.     The Grasshopper Complex 

·  While they looked at the giants and at themselves, you can read nowhere where they looked at God.

·  Two Truths about Personal Perspective:

You will never outperform the self-concept you have of yourself.

The way you see others is drastically influenced by the way we see yourself.  (And vice-versa.)

·  Faith is not believing in spite of evidence—that’s superstition—but obeying in spite of circumstances

Grasshopper Stoppers

1. Quit magnifying your problems and exaggerating your problems!  

2. Start emphasizing the power of your God!  

3. Start testifying about the greatness of God, and what He is planning for today!  

4. Start planning tomorrow’s victories!


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