Sunday, March 24, 2019

The Grace High Priest Part-2

Hebrews 4:12-16
God has a remedy for the guilt and shame we feel about the hidden places in our hearts…GRACE.  How far will God go to give you 
Trapped in our sin and shame, we need an advocatebefore God.  

III. JesusUnderstands v. 15

·     Religion- "I messed up. My Dad is going to kill me!" 
Christianity- "I messed up. I need to call my Dad."

IV. FaithOvercomes v. 14

·      The problem is not what I have donebut what I amas a sinner.
·      The Latin word for priestis pontifex, taken apart and it means bridge-builder. 
·      Repentancefor our sin and professionoffaithin Christ’s work bring salvation. 

V. GraceConquers All v. 16

·      Merciful grace is unmeritedfavor that sets us free from the penaltyof sin and shame. 

·      The wrathof God against sin is not countered by His lovefor the sinner but by His amazing grace.

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