Sunday, August 9, 2020

God’s Matchless Ministry

God’s Matchless Ministry
Isaiah 41:17-20

While God desires to minister personally to His children, His children must learn how to receive ministry direct from the Lord. God is very concerned that they realize that it is HE which is providing the assistance and not the thing or person He uses.  Here is God's promise for His personal provision.

There is a tendency on part of all persons to praise the gift and not the giver.

We receive from the Lord properly as we realize:

I. Our Desperate Need  v 17a

·   We are hindered by our affliction.

·   It is not the amount of sin that makes a man a sinner, it is the fact of sin.

·   We are wanting in our lives.

·   Jesus lived His life in total dependence on the Father.

·   We are searching in spirit.

·   Man is always seeking if he is wanting ... so he is always seeking.

II. The Divine Concern  v 17a

·   God is not an idol receiving identity from our beliefs.  He is a being with the capacity to love and meet needs.

III.The Divine Supply  v 18-19

The picture of complete supply through nature: 

·   "rivers" - consistent, flowing, life support

·   "springs" - refreshing, cooling life support

·   "pools" - resourceful, oasis of life support

·   "fountains" - unexpected life support

·   God does not meet our needs without producing fruit in some form.

IV.The Divine Purpose  v 20

·   That we may "see and recognize" ... AWARENESS of GOD

·   That we may "consider" ... MEDITATION ON GOD

·   That we may "gain insight" ... UNDERSTANDING OF GOD

·   That we may praise the LORD!

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