Sunday, July 22, 2012


Please Be Patient; God's Not Finished With Me Yet!
Philippians 1:6
So, you're not all God wants you to be…What should you feel...shame, disappointment, disgust?  Paul says very candidly that God is willing to take total responsibility for what we are and what we are to become when we trust our lives to Him. 
Guilt is not synonymous with shame.
Guilt is a self-generated feeling of disgust with one's actions. Shame is an “other-generated” sense of disappointment with oneself as a person of worth
A shame-bound family is a group of people who feel alone together.
Two rules of a Shame-Bound Family or Church
1.    One must always give the impression of being in control of one's life at all times.
2.    One must always be right and do the right thing according to group law and especially the leadership.
“Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven”  Matthew 5:3
1.    Faith received in the head is religion.  You follow so long as you understand.  You will follow men.
2.    Faith received in the heart is experience.  You will follow as long as you feel.  You will follow emotion.
3.    Faith received in the spirit is Christian transformation.  You will follow Christ.
  • It is grace that separates Christianity from all other religions.
  • The heart of God is grace-filled.
  • The need for open acceptance of people where they are presses upon the church for effectiveness in evangelism, fellowship and ministry.
  • How tragic that Christians cannot accept that honest Christianity has its sin as well as goodness, failure as well as success, want as well as abundance, fear as well as faith?
  • Jesus never condemned the sinner for being a sinner.
Jesus UnderstandsHebrew 4:14-16

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