Sunday, August 28, 2022

God? What Happened?


God? What Happened?
Psalm 60:1-12

If you have ever felt that you had lost the presence of God in your spiritual life, you may identify with this Psalm.  It is not uncommon to have all going well when suddenly a past failure or problem strikes you down again.  Such was David’s problem.  

David had FAILED!  He had done a couple of things:

He had moved without God’s direction or God’s support.

He had not kept vigilant about a previous weakness in Edom.

David’s Problem - v.1-4

Running Ahead of God

God is not afraid of human failure.

Not everyone will fail…only those who try.

David had made a decision without consulting God. His intentions were noble, his motivation was right, but his method was wrong.

Presuming God’s Blessing

If you want to ensure failure, merely presume to live any portion of your life independent of God.

Never underestimate the nature of our enemy, and never overestimate your own spirituality.

Failing to Maintain Past Victory

Just because we win a battle does not mean we have conquered our enemy.

In our moments of defeat, we can display the banner of victory because it hangs upon the staff of truth.


Failure serves a purpose in our life: to remind us of the source of our victory.

How do we fear the Lord in the midst of failure?

A genuine confession of our failure

A declaration of dependence upon the Lord Jesus Christ for deliverance and victory

David’s Position - v.5-8

Loved by God

Sin deprives us of God’s blessings, but never His affection.

Belonging to God

David announces God’s claim on Israel…
The source of David’s confidence: God hath spoken in his holiness.
The sovereignty of God’s claim: mine

David announces God’s contempt for his enemies.

David’s Petition - v.9-12

He renewed his dependency.
Sin desires to defeat us but God uses it to discipline us.

He reaffirms his weakness.

He reclaims the victory.

The most common misconception about failure is that
it is final.

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