Sunday, September 22, 2019

When Shame Meets Grace

John 7:53 - 8: 11
The Scribes and Pharisees were out to get some charge on which they could discredit Jesus.  They brought to Him a woman taken in adultery in an attempt to trap Him.  But Jesus turned their attack in such a way that it recoiled against themselves.  What they do is trap themselves so that both they and the woman are caught red-handed in their sin.  But Jesus is able to demonstrate the characteristics of real authority and grace.
I. A Story of AdulteryPower, and Compassion
TheDilemmaof Jesus: 
·       If He said she should die, He would no longer be the “Friendof Sinners”.  He would also violate Romanlaw prohibiting Jews to bring the deathsentence. 
·       If He said she should be pardoned, it could immediately be said that He was teaching men to break the law of Mosesand condoning people who commit adultery.  
Instead of pointing at the failureof the woman, Jesus turned to the weaknessesof the men who stood in judgement.
Jesus claimed no civilauthority to judgeher but the moralauthority to recognize sin
Jesus provides this woman what we all need…a SecondChance
It's not stonesthat help the sinner. It's only a relationshipwith a Savior.
The real issue in people’s lives is not their pastin sin but their futurewith God.

You cannot ruin your life by a singleact even though it may take away some options.  Why? Because of RedemptiveGrace!  

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