Sunday, January 15, 2012

Filling in Your Dash

Psalms 90:12

Every one of us has a birth date and we all mark that day.  One day that right hand date will also be completely filled out. We don’t really like to think about it all that much – but it’s inevitable, it’s coming.  Just as we had no control over that first date, we also, for the most part have no real control over that other date, the day we will die.  Look at those dates again.  Is there anything you wrote down that you can control? 
The only thing we have control over on our headstone is the dash.
Two things I am convinced of:

1. The power of God’s Word to both change and empower lives. 
2. The power of the moment to alter our future which will soon be our history 

I. What is the Most Dangerous Item in Your House?
Most people don’t do anything to waste their lives.

II. Who is the Most Dangerous Enemy in Your Life?
1 Peter 5:8;   John 10:10  

III. Now is the Most Important Moment of Your Life.
Living a life of meaning and impact is not about doing something different but doing what we do with purpose. 
The circumstances of life have no value in and of themselves.

Ecclesiastes 3:9-10
Circumstance w/o purpose produces weariness.
When you lose your purpose you will lose your energy.
When you lose your purpose you will lose your peace.
When you lose your purpose you will lose your joy.
When you lose your purpose you will lose your life.

Circumstance w/o purpose produces boredom.
Circumstance w/o purpose produces emptiness.

IV. The Circumstances of Life in Time Find Purpose and Value in Eternity.  Ecclesiastes 3:11-14

"Eternity" = breadth and depth as well as duration.
Every moment God controls is an eternal act. v.14

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