Sunday, January 7, 2024

The Jesus Way - “The Way of Character”

 The Jesus Way

 “The Way of Character”

Matthew 5:1-12 CSB


Key Truth: "To follow Jesus means to live out the values and principles of His Kingdom with our whole lives.”

Main Question: What does character have to do with life in the Kingdom of God and how do we live it out daily? 

1.    The poor in spirit (vs. 3)

2.    The mourners (vs. 4)

3.    The humble (vs. 5)

4.    The hungry and thirsty (vs. 6)

5.    The merciful (vs. 7)

6.    The pure in heart (vs. 8)

7.    The peacemakers (vs. 9)

8.    The persecuted (vs. 10-12)

After the Message: 
Read Matthew 5:1-12. Which of these character traits do you currently see in your life? What needs to change so that you can live in The Jesus Way? 






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