Sunday, July 1, 2018

How Christians Can Bless America

Romans 12:10-14
I believe that America is the greatest country in the world.  God has blessed this nation as this nation has honored Him; but things are different now and we have lost much in the change.  Many of the values that were shared are no longer sacred.  How are we to respond?  
Unfortunately, a message on valueshas come to define the “Christian Message” in place of the Gospel.
Sadly, Christians have become known for what they opposerather than the God they represent.
A Christian’s ignorance of theologyand doctrinecause them to move to safer ground of debating moralsand ethics. 
America does not just need to know what we think is right– It needs to know God  His power, His love, His righteousnessand His blessing.  

 I.    We Can Bless America with Christian Devotionv 10-11

·      The Christian Devotion of BrotherlyLovev10a
·      The Christian Devotion of RespectingOthers v10b
There is no understanding without listening.
·      The Christian Devotion of Diligent Servicev11

II.    We Can Bless America With Our Prayersv12

·     Bless with HopefulPrayer v12a

Prayer that focuses on Godbrings hope.
Negativepeople seldom create positivechange!
·      Bless with PerseveringPrayer.v12b
III.     We Can Bless America With Our Sacrificev13
·      Opening our handsto help those in need v13a
·      Opening our armstouch those in in need v 13a
If Christians want to changethe world they must gointo the world.
IV.     We Can Bless America by BlessingWhen Cursedv14 

The question is not whether Christians in America will suffer but whenand how

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